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Market Mystique
Story by Andrea Gross; photos by Irv Green

I expect Seattle’s Pike Market to be colorful, crowded and caffeinated, as befits the city that birthed Starbucks, but I don’t expect flying salmon. Yet here men in white aprons are flipping giant fish with the ease that most folks flip pancakes. One of the fishmongers grins as a salmon slips onto the counter and somersaults into a bin. “Want one?” he asks. I decline and walk on to see the flowers, which smell infinitely better.

Like other urban markets, Pike Market reflects its surroundings. Salmon in Seattle? Of course. (Taste them in a market restaurant or have them shipped to your home.) Gator-burgers in New Orleans? (Eat them on the spot.) Clam chowder in Boston? Most definitely. Although in some cities commercial establishments have moved in, the emphasis in urban markets is always on locally sourced food and regionally unique products.

That’s what makes them so much fun for the traveler.


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