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SENIOR NEWS Newspaper is a monthly publication for the 50 plus  population, serving metro Atlanta, Augusta, and Macon. 





Breathless in Denver

Story by Andrea Gross; photos by Irv Green


I was told that Denver would take my breath away.

First thereís the surprise. Denver is flat. Most visitors envision exiting the airport and finding themselves surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Nope. Denver is the gateway to the Rockies; itís not in the Rockies. Youíll have to drive a half hour or more before youíll need your hiking boots.


Then, thereís the altitude. The thirteenth step of the state capitol, the gold-domed centerpiece of downtown Denver, is exactly one mile above sea level. This is a height that leaves most folks giddy from the clear, mountain air, but a few become woozy from lack of oxygen. Hint: take a deep breath, guzzle water and eat carbs, which require less oxygen for digestion.  read more



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